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How to Plant a Tree

This is how to plant a tree in 6 steps:

1. Dig a Hole

– Make it the same depth as the pot of your tree

– First, shovel straight across the ground to remove the first layer of soil and grass, then dig straight down

2. Place the Tree in the Hole

– Burp the baby: Place the pot on your knee and pat the bottom to gently remove the tree 

– Make sure the line where the trunk changes to root is level with the surrounding soil 

– Crumble and replace the soil, rocks can stay in the hole, and take the grass and turn it upside down in a circle around the plant to keep surrounding vegetation out 

3. Add a Wildflower Companion

– Plant this beside the tree in the same hole 

4. Make a Mulch Donut

Add half a bucket of mulch around the tree in the shape of a ring/donut 

5. Make a Plant Protector & Name Your Tree!

The plant protector stops voles from gnawing on the baby stems, and you can also write a name on it 

6. Water Your Tree

We use 1 bucket of water, poured gently around the tree remove any pockets of air around the roots. This is very important for the tree to survive